This is an exclusive opportunity for our Members to get some specialist training and insight as well as providing a great opportunity to network and meet colleagues from other organisations.

The Members’ Day is separate from the conference but you can select the Members’ Day as an additional item once you have booked your conference place, or if you would prefer to attend the Member’s Day only, please select this stand-alone booking option when you log into the Member’s registration site.
This year our Members’ Day will incorporate our AGM as well as an opportunity to attend a 
centred around Influence, to set the tone for the Conference on the following 2 days.

Members’ Day Social & Dinner

Our members are invited to join us at the end of the Members’ Day for a networking drinks reception and buffet dinner and the opportunity to unwind ahead of the conference.

Members Day Workshops 13.00 to 16.00

Building Your Influence - The Role of the Smart Sustainability Leader

Whether you are part of a large team or just one individual, this session will look at how you can ensure you are as effective as possible in getting your message across, how to build your influence and go about persuading senior management. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn lessons from how others successfully do it, to pose a question for your fellow leaders to discuss, or simply share your own perspectives on your leadership journey, then this is the session for you. 


This interactive session will start by introducing recent EAUC publications looking at the Business Case for sustainability and 'how to make the case' to Governing bodies within your organisation.  We will look at some resources to identify strategies and concepts to embed sustainability, and will have an opportunity for discussion and workshops relating to how to use these concepts to make a real impact on leadership within your organisation. We will work as a group, in small groups and will mix and match presentations and debate. 


Growing Sustainability leadership is vital to ensuring we get the message across, so we will take some time during the session to hear testimonials from individuals who have experienced and used various strategies to increase their influence and make some real changes within their organisations at a high level.


Lead by Dave Gorman, Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, The University of Edinburgh

and Co-creator Prof. Janet Haddock-Fraser, Provost, MMU Cheshire and Professor of Sustainability and Management, Manchester Metropolitan University


The Psychology of Influence

Why don’t more people see the urgency around climate change and take more action? Why are we sleepwalking our way into changes that will affect the future of humanity? This session looks at the psychology behind engagement with climate change, and offers practical ways to engage people more.

How can creative people assist us to make sense of our lives and planet, helping us recognise, emotionally connect and take action on the global challenges we face? How can we adapt practice and future careers and work to better protect the environment, challenge social problems and improve ethical use of resources?

This interactive session will give delegates plenty of opportunities to discuss current real life scenarios and workshop solutions together. 

The session will finish up with some practical advice on using psychology to influence your decision makers.

Lead by John Thorne, Sustainability Coordinator, Glasgow School of Art

The Sustainability Challenge

Experience the challenge that 8000 new undergraduate students at the University of Manchester experience each year on day 2 of Welcome Week. 

The Sustainability Challenge is a simulation activity that challenges students to design a new University campus and justify their choices to a board of directors. They have a strict budget to keep to and a few surprises along the way to make things harder. This is your chance to put yourself in their shoes and see if you can do any better. Are you up to the challenge? Winner of the Green Gown award for Learning and Skills in 2017, the session will be led by members of the Team who developed the Challenge, and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions at the end.

We will be posting more information on each of these workshops and other activities that will be organised during the Member’s Day, we will add the information for these activities soon.

How can the SDGs further ‘stellify’ a curriculum?

The University of Manchester was recently ranked 3rd in the world in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings after responding to the SDGs in a number of different ways, including, developing an interdisciplinary online course available to all undergraduate students.


Hear from one of the University’s senior lecturers about how a new course is being constructed for The University of Manchester’s University College of Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL) which teaches about the SDGs using an education for sustainable development (ESD) approach. It aims to equip and empower students to make positive social change at multiple scales.


UCIL modules are available to all undergraduate students from across the University, thus learning spaces could be constructed by mathematicians, geographers, social anthropologists and engineers, to name but a few. The challenge then, is how to set interdisciplinary assessment about the SDGs which embodies ESD and is as accessible and appealing for a language student as it might be for a scientist?


Lead by Dr. Jen O’Brien, Senior Lecturer of Geography, The University of Manchester.