EAUC Greening the Conference


Each year, we try even harder to make our Conference more sustainable! We publish our Conference Sustainability Ethos online and ask all participants to read it, adhere to it and to help us develop it.


The Sustainability Hub encourages the sharing of good practice amongst our sponsors and exhibitors and is a short guide full of practical sustainability ideas and suggestions.


If you have some good ideas or recommendations you wish to contribute to the Sustainability Hub, then please contact us ( Ideas can cover the whole lifecycle of attending a conference - from the start-up planning phase to attending the conference itself and what to do with the materials afterwards. Ideas include; what to look for in printers, QR codes, sustainable materials and gimmicks.


Showcase your products and services in the most sustainable way!


Marketing materials


Have you considered...


Asking your suppliers for a copy of their Sustainability Policy? They may not have one but it may make them more aware of the need to have one for future business?


Creating a case study or a poster around your product or service, highlighting how it has helped a community or contributed towards a sustainable initiative or had a positive environmental/ sustainable impact? Promote this at the conference!




Have you considered...           

Printing double-sided wherever possible;

Printing in black/white; 

Printing on the most sustainable paper, using the most sustainable print technique suitable for your print needs; 

Working with environmentally aware printers that have achieved the EMAS accreditation, as well as ISO14001 and FSC.


Having your stand materials produced on recycled materials (cardboard) or produced on more sustainable materials (bamboo)? 

When developing your stand and marketing materials, thinking on the long-term approach to see how much use you can get out of them - by adapting them slightly they may cover more than one event.   

Work with environmentally aware printers

New technology


Have you thought about...


Putting a QR Code on your printed materials? Saves you money and helps the environment!


Use QR codes to reduce your use of printed materials


Have you considered creating a QR Code for your brochure or flyer? A QR Code stands for "quick response" code. It is a small square code consisting of a pattern of dots/ squares and is used as a unique URL reference. 


Once created and put on marketing materials, the code can be scanned by a smartphone which then saves the URL information directly to the person's phone as a contact. They then have it saved for future reference. This way, you do not need to print additional quantities of your stand materials or business cards and delegates do not have to take home bulky papers - or even worse - leave them behind in their hotel rooms! Stops waste and provides great savings on print runs - and reduces its carbon footprint.


Giveaways and gimmicks


Are yours necessary and sustainable?


Everyone wants to promote their company and maximise exposure when at a conference. But when it comes to giveaways have you considered the following...


Is the giveaway something a delegate can use - does it have a good purpose?

Has it been made in environmentally-friendly materials? Can it be recycled after its lifecycle?

Has it been sourced locally rather than being imported? Are you sure it has been manufactured in ethically-minded and approved factories?


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