We are delighted to announce an exciting range of pre-conference activities that will take place on Tuesday 28th March, ahead of the main conference on 29th – 30th March.


12pm – 4pm:  2 parallel leadership workshops aimed at sustainability professionals working at both the director and developing leadership level. Choose from:


Launching the EAUC Emerging Sustainability Leaders Programme


Leading Today, For Our Tomorrow: Part of the EAUC Executive Leadership Series


4.30pm – 6.30pm:

The Rocky Road to Carbon Reduction - Lancaster's Carbon Management Plan. Classroom session to be followed by a visit to Lancaster University's wind turbine.


6.30pm – Late:

Pre-Conference Social



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Launching the EAUC Emerging Sustainability Leaders Programme

In partnership with EAUC Members in the Midlands Sustainable Education Network, the EAUC and the University of Worcester are developing a pioneering new programme to equip emerging sustainability professionals with the essential skills and knowledge they need to deliver change in their institutions.

This Pre Conference session will expose you to some of the core elements of the programme and give you opportunity to be consulted and contribute to the development of the full programme to be launched later this year as part of the EAUC’s new Strategic Plan to 2021.

With scope to become the accredited professional qualification for FHE-based sustainability practitioners, the programme will aim to deepen and test knowledge and understanding of sustainability and the FHE sector, incorporating the EAUC values whilst enhancing skills as a reflective practitioner. When fully developed and launched, the programme will extend over 12 months, and be delivered through face to face and on-line contact, usually for a half day each month.


Who should attend the pre-conference session?

This pilot session is for sustainability professionals perhaps new in roles, and/or with mandates to lead on campus-wide behaviour change. Often they have little or no ‘formal line management’ authority and may well work at levels in the hierarchy where the ability to influence those at more senior levels is an important requirement. More experienced sustainability professions with an interest in the development of a sustainability professional standard qualification should also attend.


What you will gain by attending

You will come away from this session with knowledge of an organisational change model which has been developed by EAUC, the Green Building Council and Harvard University.


This is a practical session where participants will be able to bring their knowledge and expertise to share learning and best practice.


Key Programme Elements


  • Introduction to the proposed programme and how it’s being developed from the initial discussions in the Midlands and an opportunity to influence the content

  • Exploration of where the sustainability function and professionals are located within their organisations and strategic and structural opportunities to develop a whole institutional approach    

  • An overview of coaching as a tool for sustainability professionals, and practical use of a model used in coaching. 

  • A process of planned professional development, based on reflection and self-assessment of your skills and competencies in professional contexts

  • Understanding and critical awareness of current issues in the sector, through independent learning and research

  • Enhanced professional practice through critical appraisal of, and reflection on, your knowledge, skills, behaviours and values

  • Develop reflective skills enabling you to apply knowledge and understanding to evaluate and analyse practice and experiences

  • Application of new skills and knowledge to building wider relationships across sectors as universities and colleges become key agencies is city and regional programmes


You will leave the session with a set of tools and examples to take back to your institution to work with colleagues. The aim of the session is to help you build relationships and implement successful innovative projects on campus. You will be required to do a small amount or preparation.


Led by:

Gill Slater, Director of Personal and Organisational Development at University of Worcester.  Gill has worked as a Director of HR for a university and in engineering, and has experience of developing and delivering workshops for range of delegates and across a wide subject area. Gill will be supported in the session by Selina Fletcher, Head of Sustainability Coventry University and colleagues from Lancaster University, EAUC staff and Board representatives, the city administration, and service contractors.


Katy Boom, Director of Sustainability at University of Worcester. Katy has led the development of wide ranging sustainability initiatives at the University of Worcester in her role as director of sustainability. Her work focuses on the campus, working in the community and embedding sustainability in the curriculum. Overseeing the development of students as partners on major sustainability change programs and building sustainability skills with students and student volunteers Katy’s work has won a number of national awards.


Price to attend

Member £72.00

Non-Member £144.00


Book here



Leading Today, For Our Tomorrow: Part of the EAUC Executive Leadership Series


We seek experienced senior sustainability leaders to join the pre-conference leadership workshop.


-       Do you have an appetite for driving sustainability into the core of your business and mission by unlocking its potential to improve employee engagement, organisational performance and innovation?

-       Do you have a desire to push beyond positioning sustainability as an “add-on” or settling for simply “doing less bad?”


If so, join this workshop and get 10% discount* off the full Executive Leadership Lab at Cambridge University in July led by Leith Sharp of Harvard University. Click here for details.


This is your invitation to join the EAUC Executive Leadership Alumni and benefit from insight and content tested recently in three UK university leadership teams and the proven executive education program at Harvard University alongside several other international leadership events.

Is your leadership future ready? Are you having the impact you need on senior leaders and decision-makers? Leaders are being asked to prepare for uncertainty in uncertain times, and lead in situations characterised by high degrees of ambiguity.  We need leaders to lead in ways that sustain, rather than drain, creativity and empower teams to deliver against institutional strategy.  We also need leaders who can better influence senior leaders and decision-makers. 


Apply to join this bespoke workshop for a hands-on experience in how to accelerate your leadership power in implementing change across your organisation, department or team. Delegates will learn how to put theory into practice in capturing ideas and delivering the creativity needed to deliver against their institutional strategy.


The governance model dominant in most universities and colleges is a hierarchical, formal authority structure.  While relevant to organisational resourcing, accountability and scaling, defined management hierarchy is not well-positioned to support idea flow underpinning successful change initiatives.  We need to more fully leverage the creativity embedded in communities comprised of diverse individuals connecting with others in groups with ideas flowing along social networks.  Peer-to-peer exchanges are more agile, and engagement is characterized by idea exploration, harvesting and co-creation and idea flow across institutional barriers. 


The Workshop will explore how ideas flow through organisations, what influences healthy flow and where barriers exist that frustrate creativity.  The Workshop will also explore how best to leverage the interactions of the senior management hierarchy with the community of social networks to increase resilience and agility and overall sustain our universities and colleges.  Delegates will bring their own situation to the fore of the Workshop, applying the theory to their own institutional challenges.  Delegates have the opportunity to design an action plan unique to their organisation that they will be able to implement straight away.


 “75% of change initiatives fail.  Lacking the right skill sets to lead change is the root cause.” McKinsey


Who should apply to attend?
This advanced leadership programme is for experienced people who operate at the executive interface. It is for colleagues who are leading institutional strategy or have a role which aims to directly influence it.


Places are limited and successful applicants will have their place confirmed.


Led by:

Wendy Purcell, Emeritus & former University President, Visiting Professor Harvard University


Jane Davidson,  Pro Vice-Chancellor for External Engagement and Sustainability, University of Wales, Trinity St David


Jim Longhurst, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Environment and Sustainability University of the West of England


Peter Rands, Director of Sustainability Development, Canterbury Christ Church University


Iain Patton, CEO, EAUC


*Your 10% discount will be applied at the point of invoicing for the Leadership Lab if you have booked the Executive Leadership Workshop.


Price to attend

Member £144.00

Non-Member £288.00


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The Rocky Road to Carbon Reduction - Lancaster's Carbon Management Plan. Classroom session to be followed by a visit to Lancaster University's wind turbine.


Lancaster University has reduced its absolute carbon emissions by over 20% since 2005 despite a GIA increase of over 30,000M3 during this period.  With challenging carbon reduction targets of 43% by 2020 and 83% by 2050 Lancaster has implemented a wide range of projects to reduce its carbon emissions as part of its Carbon Management Plan with varying degrees of success and effort!   This session explores the successes and failures and problems encountered when implementing CMP projects using potted case studies and examples and aims to disseminate the ‘lessons learnt’ by Lancaster to EAUC delegates. The session will finish with a tour of Lancaster University’s Green Gown Award winning wind turbine.


Led by:

Jonathan Mills, Carbon, Environment & Sustainability Manager, Lancaster University.

Jonathan Bastiaans, Energy Manager, Lancaster University




Pre-Conference Social


The Pre-Conference Social will take place on Tuesday 28th March, the night before the main conference, from 18:30. The venue will be open until at least 23:00, potentially 23:30. If you are arriving the night prior do come and join us – we’d love to see you! Please note that places for this event must be pre-booked.


Cost to attend

Member £24.00

Non-Member £36.00


Book Here

Katy Boom
Wendy Purcell
Peter Rands
Iain Patton
Jim Longhurst
Jane Davidson

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