We are dedicating the 19th June to our Members. Once you have purchased your conference ticket please contact us here to select your preferred workshop


        Equipping emerging sustainability professionals with the essential skills and knowledge they need to deliver change in their       


        For senior- to mid-level institutional leaders and sustainability professionals to discuss the megatrends and leadership approaches

        For anyone who's ever met a disengaged manager or disinterested student, this is the workshop for you.


Other Activities

        Opportunities for Community of Practice and Regional groups to meet

         The opportunity to explore Keele's beautiful grounds – with biodiversity & sustainability initiatives guided tours

Followed by a networking buffet dinner and the opportunity to unwind ahead of the conference.

Once you have purchased your conference ticket please contact us here to select your preferred workshop

During the main conference days, Vital Energi will be offering a one off opportunity to take a tour around Keele University's energy Centre, see more details below.


Workshop Sessions: 13:00 – 16:00


Emerging Leaders Programme

Equipping emerging sustainability professionals with the essential skills and knowledge they need to deliver change in their institutions

Attend this session if you are considering

  • developing your leadership potential

  • looking to begin/do more within your communities

  • want to share good practice within HE/FE

Get a taster session to develop your leadership capabilities alongside other sustainability professionals.


Following from a successful pilot year this program will be offered for sign up from December 2018 for an 8 month program, with option as alumni to stay supported by the teaching team and fellow participants to deliver your own community based project after completing the taught program.  This is being delivered in association with EAUC, University of Worcester and Coventry University. An online platform will provide tools and guidance as well as an opportunity to share learning with peers.  Mentors will be available for participants with 3 sessions and access to a strengths assessment accredited by British Psychological Society which captures what’s unique about people and discovers how they can bring the best of themselves to work every day.

Learning outcomes for the programme: Coaching skills, Leadership models and theories, Change management, Project management, Collaboration, Cross sector work and knowing your networks, Personal resilience, The business case, Negotiating skills, Emerging trends and models for sustainability, Effective communication.

The session over 3 hours, with some pre attendance preparation, looks at some of the content to give you an insight to see if this is for you.


Next Generation Sustainability Leadership

For EAUC Executive Leadership Programme alumni, invitees and prospective candidates

The next iteration of the successful EAUC Executive Leadership programme will be launched in 2019.  We have listened carefully to feedback from alumni of our previous programmes and this has been reflected in new content and design.  This is planned to be a transformational leadership and personal development program that focuses on developing expertise and confidence in becoming a strategic sustainability leader in a higher and further education settings involved in the co-creation of thriving, sustainable societies.

To finalise the approach to the 2019 program, we are setting up a Leadership Lab and Workshop as a pre-conference session, scheduled at Keele on 19th June 2018.  This half-day session will introduce the new programme and offer a taster session on ‘Leading in Complexity’.  Your critical reflection and input on the planned new programme is important and informs the direction of the new leadership offer from EAUC.

Disengagement and Climate Change

For anyone who's ever met a disengaged manager or disinterested student, this is the workshop for you.

What lies beneath our disengagement with the crisis of climate change? How do we manage our feelings of anxiety and hopelessness? How can we, as professionals, better engage staff and students to encourage meaningful action on campus, and within the curriculum?

This ground breaking “Social Dreaming” workshop employs the technique of the psycho social which is the study of problems common to psychology and sociology. In this workshop it will be applied to society's reactions to climate change.

It examines why people aren't engaged with climate change, and how we might make people less anxious about it, and engage them in meaningful change in their professional and academic lives.

What is Social Dreaming?
Social Dreaming is a way of sharing dreams with others, it is a hosted experience in which we then derive collective meaning following the experience. We sit together and reflect upon our dreams, feelings and associations related to the topic of Climate Change. In the course of doing so, we make links and connections between the dreams and create new thoughts together.  

This dream sharing session is called a ‘matrix’, it allows participants for foster free-thinking in a secure and non-judgmental environment. The process is interesting, provocative, calm and relaxed, nobody is obliged to say anything if you don’t want to. The process is about the dream, and not about the dreamer, so don’t worry if you don’t dream much! After the matrix, we have a break and then we reconvene to debrief and share our ideas on the possible meanings and thoughts that have emerged from the matrix.

This workshop will offer you an entirely different perspective on how to approach the challenges you face.

Walking Tours: 14:00 – 16:00


Managing the campus for wildlife and biodiversity

One of Keele’s greatest assets is our natural environment on our 600+ acre campus, including extensive lakes and woodlands, an arboretum with guided walks, and National Collection of over 240 Flowering Cherries.  We have also established a Natural Environment Advisory Group so that decisions on the management of the estate take the wildlife into consideration. This one hour walking workshop will discuss the history and processes of managing the biodiversity of the estate, and take a walking tour around some of the features of the estate, including the Cherry Tree collection, the memorial garden, arboretum, woodlands and lakes. 


Walking Tours: 16:00 – 18:00

Sustainability initiatives at Keele

This tour will provide delegates with the opportunity to see first-hand some of the sustainability developments at Keele University including the Student Sustainability Bungalow, the allotment in the Walled Garden, the Sustainability Hub, and various energy developments.  Integrated into this tour will be a history of the Keele campus, which has formed the basis for many of today’s developments, for example the food growing and ‘model farm’ that took place on the site when it was owned by the Sneyd Family.  This tour would be led by a range of the Sustainability staff at Keele.

Early Morning Activites

Vital Energi's one-off opportunity to tour Keele University’s Energy Centre

Vital Energi is proud to support Keele University’s plans to become the UK’s most environmentally sustainable campus. The £1.3 million project features an extension of the Horwood Energy Centre which is in place to expand the university’s heat network. The design and installation scheme has been future-proofed for further development, and includes the installation of 400m of district heating pipe which stretches from the Horwood energy centre to the CSL building, this is alongside the fitting of a new water mains, water reservoir main and IT ducts.
EAUC and Vital Energi is giving conference delegates the exclusive opportunity to tour the Horwood Energy Centre on site. The tours will run on Wednesday 20th June and Thursday 21st June with limited spaces and slots available on both dates. Tours of the Energy Centre will take place at 8am on both Wednesday 20th June and Thursday 21st June. 
During the tour you will get to see: 
•    The new plant in position.
•    The extension (internal and external)
•    The new pipe work being installed.
•    The connection points for the DH at the point of entry into the building.



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