The EAUC makes a conscious effort to reduce the environmental and social impacts of its Annual Conference and we work very closely with the host venue to develop a sustainable ethos for the event. We ask all delegates, exhibitors and sponsors attending to kindly read it and commit to it. We welcome ideas or suggestions of how we can improve it.


In the EAUC's continued commitment to sustainability we will make conscious efforts to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our Annual Conference by the following:                 


  • Together with the host venue – Lancaster University – we will aim to run the EAUC Annual Conference as sustainably as possible and according to the EAUC's Annual Conference Ethos.       

  • We will promote sustainability initiatives wherever possible. We will work with the catering team to achieve Gold Food for Life Catering Accreditation (Soil Association) on the food we provide to the delegates.

  • We use a conference app to help minimise conference literature even further. For the first time ever, in 2017, we won’t be producing a paper conference brochure.

  • Where practical, we will further reduce the use of paper and printing connected to the conference by reducing marketing documents and registration papers.

  • EAUC are offsetting carbon emissions from the activities related to the Annual Conference directly to the venue. This includes the whole event (including pre-event and conference dinner), travel (speakers and delegates) and accommodation as well as the venue use. This will be channeled back to the host venue to ensure the local area benefits as well as the venue. An article explaining how the host venue has utilised this fund will appear in EAUC Member communications later in the year.

  • Any marketing materials which need to be printed, will be printed on 100% recycled paper, make use of the most sustainable printing techniques and be printed back-to-back wherever possible.

  • All conference correspondence to delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers will, where practicable, be sent via email and available on our website to minimise waste.

  • Delegate bags, lanyards and badges (where used) are reusable and biodegradable.

  • Delegate registration items will be provided at onsite registration eliminating postage.

  • Conference inserts have been prevented to minimise waste.

  • Pens and paper will not be provided to delegates to encourage the re-use of both paper and pens. Delegates should bring notepads made from scrap paper.

  • Recycling points will be available around the venue and we ask delegates to ensure that they return their badges and any unwanted materials so we can reuse and recycle these items.

  • Exhibitors will be encouraged to use recycled paper for their marketing purposes and we will ask them to consider the environmental impact of any promotional giveaway items. We have created a Sustainability Hub where we post sustainable marketing ideas for exhibitors/sponsors to consider when reviewing their exhibition presence.

  • We encourage delegates to use public transport.

  • EAUC encourages all delegates, speakers and exhibitors who must travel by car to use the EAUC Car Share scheme. Details can be found at www.eauccarshare.org.uk.                  

  • All catering will be served using non-disposable crockery and cutlery. We avoid using bottled water where possible and tap water in jugs will be available to delegates.

  • The EAUC promotes the use of seasonal food and local food suppliers.

  • We aim to increase the well-being of our delegates by providing plenty of fruit, water and healthy energising snacks.


We welcome ideas or suggestions of how we can improve our conference sustainability ethos, so please do contact us if you have any contributions. Email us at info@eauc.org.uk.

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